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Sheep and Goat Milking Solutions


Visit DeLaval's Web SiteDeLaval provides dairy farmers with complete systems and related components, specially designed to fulfill the specific needs of sheep and goats. Whether you run a 50-goat farm or a 15,000-sheep project – we have the right milking solution for you

Your MDS Salesman will be glad to discuss your Sheep & Goat milking needs. Call us for more information




DeLaval clusters feature state-of-the-art design for use with sheep & goats.DeLaval’s broad range of clusters fit every case, from the rustic merino sheep to the top yielding Saanen goat.

  • Almatic™ cluster S10/G10
  • Almatic™ cluster G50
  • DeLaval clusters SG-TF80
  • DeLaval cluster SG-TF100


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Milk Meters


DeLaval Milk Meter MM25 SG
(The first electronic milk meter specifically developed for sheep and goat milk recording.)

  • Easy-to-read individual data on milk yield
  • Instant milk flow and milking time duration in clear red digits
  • Simplifies effective daily flock management.

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Milking Stalls

DeLaval offers milking solutions to suit you and your animals. Our modern, compact parallel sheep and goat stalls are based on years of experience and designed to ergonomically keep the milker safe. The animals are milked from behind too, giving the operator easy access and a good view of the udder.

DeLaval Movable Stall SG

  • Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel to withstand years of heavy use and allow easy cleaning
  • Individual PVC or stainless steel mangers, along with fully pneumatic operation of headlocks, indexing, concentrate supply, entrance and exit gates
  • Available in 12-place modules to support efficient batch milking.

DeLaval Fixed Stall SG

  • "Cascade” stalling system, which means that only one stall place is opened at any one time. When the first animal occupies its place, the system opens for the second animal, which then takes its place and opens for the third.
  • Galvanized steel stall features headlocks and dismountable manger
  • Smart design helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum and makes it ideal for smaller farm operations.





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