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Feeding Solutions

Mlsna Dairy Supply provides DeLaval systems and products that improve feeding efficiency and animal performance. 

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Calf Feeders
Milk Pasteuruizers
TMR Feeders
Feed & Silage Supplemants

Feeding Solutions by DeLaval

DeLaval CF150 Calf Feeder

  • Powerful user-friendly processor
  • Menu driven program, easy to understand
  • Exact, individual milk and feed rations
  • Feeding plan for milk and concentrate
  • Automatic weaning function
  • Adjustable temperature of the milk
  • Intensive mixer, which can mix powder milk
  • Quick learning device for calves

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DeLaval Calf & Milk Pasteurizer CMP 1000

DeLaval calf milk pasteurizer CMP1000 offers automatic temperature control and cleaning in one quality, 264 gallon solution. Using the DeLaval CMP1000 to effectively eliminate waste milk can even help you remove any disposal problems you may currently have.

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DeLaval Calf Feeders

CF300A & CF200+

Two solutions for feeding milk in liquid form only are the DeLaval calf feeder CF300A and CF200+ units. These machines do not have powder hoppers. The milk is stored in a container with a stirring and possibly cooling device. The milk can either be fresh or sour. If milk replacer is to be fed, it has to be prepared with other mixing equipment or by hand.

The milk is prepared in the same way as in the combi. The milk is heated by a heat exchanger and distributed in small 0.5 litre portions to the calves.

DeLaval TMR Feed



This user-friendly feeding management program optimizes the benefits of TMR and PMR systems, for maximum profit with minimal effort.

DeLaval TMR feed manager 1.0 uses modern software and can be connected to DeLaval mixer wagons or used as an upgrade kit for other mixer brands. The software package provides a fast and efficient tool for managing costs related to feed and dry matter intakes.


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The DeLaval TMR feed manager 1.0 will work stand-alone but it can also interface with ALPRO™ Windows (APW). Dairy farmers operating both programmes will have full control of feed distribution and crucial management information. The latter includes information on the herd’s feed consumption together with the impact of feeding and nutritional changes on herd health and fertility.


Feed & Silage Supplements

Feedtech® is a range of premium feed supplements developed exclusively for dairy herds to enhance their production and maintain their optimum performance.

Feedtech® Calcium Gel Supplement

A nutritional supplement of calcium and critical B vitamins for fresh cows with reduced feed intakes at the time of freshening to aid in maximizing its potential. View Brochure

Feedtech® Dairy Probiotic Feed Supplement

A new addition to the Feedtech® forage preservation product assortment. Testing has shown this silage inoculant to improve aerobic stability of grass and small grain silages. View Brochure

Feedtech® Dairy Probiotic Gel Supplement

A live probiotic culture for livestock in a gel formulation which is easily administered containing a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Feedtech® HM Baled Hay

This is a unique formulation of lactic acid-producing bacteria and organic antidioxidants that aid in the preservation of high quality hay. View Brochure

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