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Index Of All Products

Here is an alphabetical list of all our products and services. Items underlined in blue are links you can click which will take you to the specific page. Feel free to use the Quick Jump menu below.

As we are still building our new web site, this list is incomplete. We hope to have our new web site 100% operational by May 15, 2010. Thanks for your patience!!

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DeLaval Barrel Claw MC70


Harmony Plus™

DeLaval Milking Cluster MC11

DeLaval Milking Cluster MC30

DeLaval Milking Cluster (MC50)

DeLaval Barrel Claw MC70


DeLaval Cleaning Units

DeLaval Cleaning Units & Supplies

Cleaning Unit C-125 Washer

Cow Comfort

DeLaval Automatic Fly Sprayer

Automatic Fly Sprayer

Swinging Cow Brush

Water Troughs & Bowls

Cow Mats


Coming Soon

Fans & Ventilation

Coming Soon


DeLaval Calf Feeder CF150

DeLaval Calf Feeder CF150

DeLaval Calf Feeder CF150

DeLaval Calf Feeder CF200+

DeLaval Calf Feeder CF300A

DeLaval Calf Pasteurizer CP1000

TMR Feed Manager

Feedtech® Solutions: High Moisture Baled Hay, Gel  & Feed Supplements

Herd Management

DeLaval Herd Management Systems

ALPRO® Herd Management System

afimilk Herd Management Systems

Afimilk® System

Liners & Hoses

DeLaval Original Liners

Original Liners

MaxLife Liners

Luxury Liners

Milk Rite Impulse Liners

Impulse™ High Performance Liners

Milking Systems

DeLaval Milking Systems

Parlor Accessories

DeLaval Adjustable Floor

DeLaval Adjustable Floor

Herdsman HRS Crowd Gate

Drover HRS Crowd Gate

Usher HRS Crowd Gate

DeLaval Sort Gate DSG10

Parlor Automation

DeLaval Milking Point MPC100

DeLaval Milking Point MPC100

DeLaval Milking Point MP370, MP380

DeLaval Milking Point MP700

DeLaval Milking Unit MU350

Sensor HFC

Smooth Operator Milk Transfer System


Coming Soon

Sanitation & Hygiene

Less Cu™ - The Clear Foot Bath Solution

Bovadine With I-Tech 2

Double Action Hoof Treatment

By The Makers Of Thrifty Dipper

Thrifty Dipper Teat Dips, Wipes & More

Sheep & Goat Solutions

DeLaval Sheep Milking Solutions

Clusters, Milk Meters, Stalls

Storage Tanks & Milk Cooling

DeLaval DXNAF Milk Cooler

DeLaval DXNAF Milk Cooler

Century Horizontal Milk Storage Tank

Century Silo Milk Storage Tank

Used Equipment

View Our Used Dairy Equipment

Vacuum Pumps

DeLaval Vacuum Regular VSD

Vacuum Regulator VSD

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